power plant

“Wasow's lush surreal orchestrations of nature and culture gone awry in the hothouse environment of his digitized imagination are haunting examples of the new cyber-reality being pioneered by artists today. Beyond collage or mere futurism, Wasow examines the evolution of our utopian ideals and ways the paradigm of the past influences the transmission of idealism into the future. Wasow's landscapes concoct a crisis of legibility for the viewer--they are radically discontinuous in terms of time (are they past or future); space (are they microscopic or vast); and nature (what is man-made and what is not). Wasow's works are composite portraits--archives embedded in photographs of a world where nature is confused with its multiple representations. “

--David Joselit, Utopia Post Utopia: Configurations of Nature and Culture in recent Sculpture and Photography, 1988